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Electronic Fuel Injection System

Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) is an important component of modern cars. It is responsible for injecting fuel into the engine at the correct time. It provides much more precise control and timing than carburetor type systems.

Electronic Fuel Injection has many advantages. Among them are:

Fuel Economy

Better engine performance

Higher reliability

Lower exhaust emissions

Improved idle control

Properly serviced and tuned EFI engines can save up to 15% on your petrol costs.

Our workshop is professionally equipped for EFI diagnostics. That includes oscilloscopes, scanners, gas analysers and other tools and devices.

EFI comes in several varieties: “Throttle Body Injection” (TBI), “Multi Port Fuel Injection” (MFI) or Sequential Fuel Injection (SFI).

Electronic fuel injection is considered to be superior to carburetion because it allows more precise fuel metering for easier starting, lower emissions, better fuel economy and performance.

Our technicians specialise in fuel injection and engine management systems. We use the latest equipment to diagnose any faults in the engine management system and then use our expert knowledge to correctly repair and tune your vehicle. We also service fuel injectors both on and off the vehicle.

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