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With today’s high-tech EFI systems, repairers can be chasing their tails around all day trying to find problems in the system. DMS uses the latest in electronic diagnostic equipment to assist us in ensuring that the diagnosis of your vehicle is precise and timely, saving money.

We are always up to date with current engine management systems and therefore we can keep your car running as smoothly and as economically as possible.

DMS will thoroughly test, clean and repair your EFI system so that your car will be running at peak performance.

We have a wide range of new EFI spare parts in stock and available to us, at very competitive prices.

Even cleaning your injectors is not a problem, we have the facilities in-house to ultrasonically clean, backflush, and flow test your injectors, which means quick turn around time.

Is your vehicle running rough? Not getting the fuel economy you’re expecting?

Then call DMS on 9833 3206 the EFI experts.

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